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We’re excited to share with you the second book in Layla Lochran’s Tell All Secrets series, BATTLE BORN FOR YOU! This second chance romance and continuation of Alexander and Liliana’s story is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook formats, grab your copy on Amazon today! 


Battle Born for You
by Layla Lochran
(Tell All Secrets #2)

October 24, 2022

Alexander: Stumbling upon the one person you’re missing in your life only to screw up and watch her walk away. It’s Soul crushing. Heartbreaking. What Lili doesn’t know is this Marine’s endurance is untamable. I’ve been beaten down, now it’s time to rise, or submit and lose it all. Do I succumb to the darkness and welcome the silence? My sunshine is shrouded in ominous blackness; the trust she placed on me now vanquished. She’s gone and I fear my demons will find their way out.
Knock, knock. Poetry is my expression, only now that life is grim. I’m no longer in control. I do not want to hurt those I love, but I cannot keep afloat. I’m drowning, calling for help; the gun is in my hand and I’m eager to pull the trigger.

Liliana: He betrayed my trust and now my skeletons are out of the closet for all to see. If any of my secrets fall in the wrong hands, chaos would follow. I knew I could never love, so why does this hurt so? The monster is at the forefront of my mind, enjoying the game. Time to play. Can I trust Zander and his mates with their vow of protection? If I have learned anything, you should never question a Marine’s promise. With music as my emotion, the songs playing behind the locked door tell me of a broken man’s world. Sometimes it’s the hero that needs saving, this be one of those times. Do not fret, Alexander, I’m going to save ye.

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Narrated by Joe Arden and Stella Hunter 


Chapter 8

Alexander is trying to make amends with Lili and has a plan, thanks to Tamara. They meet at Be Harbor park.
“How did ye know we be here?” Her Scottish lilt is stronger now, more like herself than I’ve ever heard her be. Her eyes narrow and a hand comes up, “wait, ye don’t have to answer that. Tamara is always twelve steps ahead of me.” She waves her hand in dismissal then sighs.
I cup her face with my hand and press my forehead to hers.
Whisper “God how I’ve missed you.”
She melts into my touch, closes her eyes, and whispers back.
“Me too.”
I kiss her then and it’s as if we are communicating the agony of these past few days. People pass by but it’s this woman in my arms who has my undivided attention.
Then I remember we have somewhere to be, and I reluctantly break our kiss.
“Are you ready to go?”
Her eyes dazedly open and she gives me a quizzical look, “where are ye taking me? I hope it involves food; I’m famished.” She giggles and that sound is pure heaven to my ears.
I bring our clasped hands to my lips and place a kiss to her knuckles.
“Well then, we best be on our way. Glimmer of hope How does Italian sound?” I send her a knowing glance.
Her eyes light with merriment and quite possibly a hint of another type of hunger, “only if there is tiramisu afterwards.”
She winks, and a low growl grows from within my chest, my body humming to life. I lean in close and whisper.
“So much tiramisu.”

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Layla Lochran is an international bestselling author best known for her Tell All Secrets suspenseful romance series and the Ambrota Defenders paranormal romance series.

Layla resides nestled in the woodlands of Western New York with her son and adopted pet, Kit Kat. School life is her passion, writing romance gives her satisfaction. She enjoys her family, musical instruments, festivals, and takes pride in being a volunteer LGBTQ+ youth counselor and advocator of Love is Love.  

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