Author Promotion

• Street Team Creation / Management

Create a Facebook group or webpage for readers, bloggers, reviewers to join and promote the author and their books.

Managing that page by suggesting members, monitoring participation, assigning weekly missions, managing giveaways, mailing promo for distribution*, etc is also an option.

What is a Street Team?

A street team is a group of fans who band together to support and promote an author and his/her books. ‘Street Teams’ are a group of existing fans that reach out to other, potential readers, by sharing their love of the author’s work by word of mouth and promotional material, a.k.a. swag. They also help improve sales in smaller, hard to reach areas worldwide. Street teams are a fun was to allow authors to direct their fans in individual ways that will help promote their books while also providing a way to give back to fans for their loyalty and support.

• Reader Group Creation / Management

Create a Facebook group or webpage for readers and fans to join to discuss the author’s works and keep up-to-date on book news and releases.

Managing that page by approving member requests and posts, monitoring content, managing group engagement, managing giveaways, and sharing author/book news, releases, etc.

Costs ~ $65 per month 

• Organizing / Management of Book Promotions (including Blog Tours, Contests/Giveaways, etc)

  • Blog Tours

Organize and manage multiple stop blog tours for varied lengths (Day, Week, Month) that include interviews, guest posts, book spotlights and giveaways. Organizing reviews is an additional option.

  • Media Kits

Create a media kit for your book or series that includes the book/series information,   blurb, cover, buy links, excerpts (if applicable), author bio, author picture and social links.

Please see our Price List for more information on the blog tour options that we offer and pricing. 

  • Promotional and Giveaway Management *

Contact, package and mail winner prizes and promotional items in a timely manner.

Tasks performed will be billed at a rate of $20 per hour.  We round to the nearest half hour.  Other services may be available upon request.  Please email us at


*Postage and mailing supplies are an additional cost billed to the author.

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