Assistant Services

Manage / Organize Author Newsletter(s)
We will organize and maintain your newsletter subscriber list.  In addition, we’ll create the newsletter layout (using MailChimp) and assist you with the content.  We’ll also coordinate the newsletter mailing.

Manage / Organize Email Account(s)
We will answer fan mail or prioritize email for the author’s response.

Manage / Organize ARC Reviews
We will contact possible reviewers and send* ARC’s out to interested reviewers when available. We will also gather links to posted reviews of the book and share them via social networks.

Beta Reading
We will read your unfinished work with suggestions to improve areas such as grammar, spelling, characterization, and the general style of the story prior to its release.

Mailing out promotional materials
We will mail out promo items and swag to street team members, bloggers, retailers, ect. *

Manage / Update Websites and/or Blogs
We will update your website and/or blogs with release information, buy links, news, ect.

Schedule Management
We will manage guest spots (interviews, guest posts, spotlights) that you have scheduled with bloggers, publishers, reviewers to keep you on time and in the know!

All tasks performed will be billed at a rate of $20 per hour or at a flat rate of $500 per month for up to 50 hours. We round to the nearest half hour. Other services may be available upon request. Please email us at


* Physical ARC’s may require an additional cost billed to the author for postage and mailing supplies.

*Postage and mailing supplies are an additional cost billed to the author.

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