About Us

Author’s Taproom is the brain child of Crystal (Reading Between the Wines Book Club) and Shannon (Cocktails & Books). Two avid readers, romance lovers, book reviewers, blog owners, and friends. The idea stemmed from the desire to help our favorite authors and promoting the books we love. We understand that as an author, your time is precious. We are here to provide you with more time to write your stories so that they can be in the reader’s hands sooner, with less worries for you.

While still good book-friends, Crystal currently manages Author’s Taproom and keeps a limited client list to allow for a more personalized experience.

For any questions or comments, feel free to email us via email authorstaproom@gmail.com or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Authors & Publishers We Have Worked With:

Addison Winters | Alyssa Turner | A.L. Simpson | April Angel | Bella Love | Booktrope | C.A. Afonso | helsea Camaron | Chris Karlsen | Dawna Raver | Delancey Stuart | Dianne Duvall | Elizabeth Dunk | Eve Silver | Hunter S Taylor | Jamie Begley | Jessie Lane | Jill Sanders | Joanne Simon Tailele | Juliana Stone | Kelly Gendron | Kim Headlee | Lani Lynn Vale | Layla Lochran | Lea Barrymire | Leagh Carron | Layla Lochran | Lilliana Anderson | Marni Mann | Nikki Lynn Barrett | Pam McKenna | Prescott Lane | Sandra Bunino | Sedona Venez | Setta Jay | Shannon Delany | Susan Horsnell | T.L. Clarke | Terri Osbourn | Tess Thompson | Tiffany A. Snow | V. K. Sykes

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